January 21, 2011



Believe it or not, I first ate s'mores only this year. Growing up, our house was not stocked with a lot of junk foods. Chocolate bars were only available when relatives from abroad come home and bring bags of chocolate. Also, it didn't help that s'mores were only some food I see on cartoons.

When my uncle came home from the US, he gave us some Hershey's bars so I bought marshmallows and graham crackers. I roasted the marshmallows on the stovetop and placed it on top of the waiting graham and chocolate. I placed another piece of graham and squished the whole thing. The marshmallow released all this gooey goodness. It was so good!


This time though, I didn't roast the marshmallows, I microwave them instead. I used Meiji Black instead of Hershey's. I have to say, the dark chocolate tastes so much better. It cuts the sweetness of the other elements of the s'mores.

I also used all store-bought ingredients. If it tasted this good without using homemade stuff, I can't imagine what it will taste like if I made my own graham crackers and marshmallows. It will probably blow my freakin' mind! (For all How I Met Your Mother fans out there ;) )

Vampire S'mores!

Oh, wait. Introductions! I'm Marie from the Philippines. I'm eighteen years old majoring in Accounting. I love to bake in my spare time. Hello, world!


  1. Vampire s'mores... that made me giggle. Welcome to the food blogging world! I can't believe you just had your first s'more! Aren't they addicting? I've been wanting to make homemade graham crackers & marshmallows for awhile now too & now your photos have me craving it.

  2. Thanks for the welcome :D
    Yeah, I can't believe that I've waited this long to make it. It's soooo addicting I want to eat some more s'mores. Heh, I made a funneh.