Hello! My name is Marie. I'm a nineteen-year old from the Philippines. I bake in my spare time.

Last year,  I felt like I wanted to bake. Problem was, we didn't have an oven. So I saved some money and bought a tiny one. I baked brownies from a mix and I haven't stopped baking since.

Afterwards I started baking muffins and cupcakes (the 1st cupcake I made was Creme Brulee Cupcakes. I loved it! I have to make it again.)  Then I moved to baking cookies and just this Tuesday (1/25/11), I baked my first layer cake!

I will post the things I bake in this blog. Probably my failures too. Since there seems to be a lot of those.

You can e-mail me at marie.remigio[at]yahoo[dot]com.